Wednesday, 8 May 2013

new york city

We are here!
we just had a brew at a pub on 9th avenue.
we arrived in New York about 3pm after an exciting night.
At round 2pm the heavens opened up and the rain fell.
For 4 solid hours it fell.
At one point my instruments told me there was a giant freighter passing us 0.6 miles to our right and I could not see it. Visibility in the rain was about 1/8 mile.
Oh yes, there was constant lightning and big ocean swell and we were running late to get to new york.
So i kept up the full main, turned on the engine and motor sailed and surfed waves in the rain and lightening. It was awesome. Made up a few hours and got to new york just before the customs office closed. Thankyou paul for the floater jacket. its the warmest coat around.
pics to come.

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