Saturday, 27 April 2013

On our way!

SO we are on our way. We about 10am this morning and we are heading just west of north from the BVIs.
We are heading to a pont on the ocean at 28W 68N.
When we get there in 4 days we wil make a decision on wether to head west or head straight to New York city.
The crew is well, (the two new people have a little sea sickness) and we just BBQd some pork chops and had rice on the side.
The winds are 12 knots from the north east and were doing 7.5 knots with jib and main.
for the night we have dropped the jib and reefed the main just to be cautious.
We are doing 5.5 knots with the reduced sail area.
There is a large swell of about 8 feet but long period so its a smooth ride.
see you all soon :-)

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