Sunday, 28 April 2013

quick update

we are all doing well.
the two newbies are almost over their sea sickness.
The winds are 8 to 12 knots from 70 degrees.
The boat speed is 6 to 7 knots.
we are heading almost due north still.
There is some storm brewing off the coast of Florida which will dissipate by the time we get near it as we go north and the storm goes north.
here is our spot tracker link which will show you where we are
Its sunny, decently calm seas (5 foot swell and no chop).
The solar panels are charging the batteries.
Almir has fashioned a bimini out of a blue tarp.
The auto piot is working like a dream.
We are using the auto pilot all night long and hand steering in the day in order to conserve power.

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