Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Ok so this is the blog for HammertimeII's trip to the Carribean. Not too sure how we'll use this. Probably post daily status and interesting things we see or adventures (storms etc). I guess we can post pics here also. We may default to FB or this or maybe use both. We'll see.

The trip is about 3000 miles. The first few hundred will be motoring with the mast down. the last 2000 will be sailing in the Atlantic.

The boat is nearly ready. We had a "work party" this week where we all worked late into the night and slept on the boat and then started working again in the morning. The mast will come down next week in preparation for motoring down the hudson river (lots of bridges) to New York where the mast will be put up again and we sail out into the Atlantic and down to the carribean (with a stop in virginia).

Paul, Rob, Chris, and I (Pasquale) are well prepared and will be doing a 30 hour sail this friday/sat. The goal is to do a man overboard drill at least 8 times. One each with a different person at the helm and in daylight and darkness. We may also test out our drogue and will be testing reefing the main to the 1st and 2nd reef with each of use doing the reefing single handed.
On the way down to Virginia we will pic up a life raft and other items needed for survival (hopefully never to be used).

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