Monday, 8 October 2012

shakedown sail

We made lots of changes to the boat and the 4 of us went for a shakedown sail.
We reached back and forth across the lake overnight and logged a large number of miles.
The night was rainy and cold and stormy. As the storms approached we saw the wind go from 9 to 20 and down and up again repeatedly. We made the cautious move and took down the head sail and reefed the main just in case we got 30 or 40 knot gusts in the middle of the lake.
We never saw more than 20 knots but Hammertime was sailing a steady 7+ knots on a reach and close reach under a reefed main alone. What an awesome boat.

We learned somethings about our clothing. It was inadequate. Rain, 10C and dark can be very very cold. We had some minor issues with the new autopilot but overall it performed very well and it handled about 80% of the driving.

Next, mast down and motor to Oswego.
We're in scramble mode now. Making sure we have all the paper work, clothing, parts etc for the trip.

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