Monday, 29 October 2012

rising tides

This is your captain,
We are about to attempt a crash landing,......

Captain says "watch the storm surge"
Captain says "watch the docks break free"
Captain says "cut the lines and motor out to sea"
Have some rum and relax,  ha ha ha 

This is going to be some day...............

This is the time, and this is the record (blog) of the time....

basically from one of my favourite artists

So, frankenstorm promises a historically high storm surge up to 11 feet in places.
Coupled with a spring high tide at the same time we may have all the docks float free of the pilings.
If that looks like it will happen we will cut the dock lines and motor out to the far side of the river (the lee side) and anchor out there. That's where the coast guard ships are settled in.

That's what my head says. My cozy, soft squishy side says hold on to shore.

we'll see.
pic is of spring high tide this morning before the surge. Very little margin left in the pilings.

and a random pic of the mast coming down in toronto.

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