Friday, 26 October 2012

It's just a jump to the left,
and a step to the right.
Where will Frankenstorm land?
Will it be a "hundred year storm?"
Buy your extra dock lines now.
That's the local chatter.

We got up early this morning and did a long motor (mad dash) directly towards Haverstraw.
Once again, we were wondering why we were the only boat heading south and everyone else was heading north???  Ahhh, what do they know?  Wimps.
From what we have heard, Haverstraw is about the best place to be to weather the storm.  We are in a protected harbour.  The  only bad news is that it is unclear whether they will let us stay here.  There is talk about  moving us to another slip, or sending us away to some other place.  We'll see.

Just to keep life interesting, we got confirmation that our sails are at the 79th St. Basin Marina.  Seems that because we are not going to show up there tomorrow (duh) they don't want to hold onto the sails for a few days.  So, tomorrow we will need to rent a car and go immerse ourselves into NY traffic.  How's that for hospitality and help in adverse conditions?  The ok part of this is that we get to see NY - maybe more than expected if we get our directions wrong - and hopefully we can stop to get a few last minute items plus maybe start accumulating provisions for the ocean segment.

The Hudson keeps getting bigger and wider.  Tides are also a major factor.  This morning we crawled for a while until the tides turned and gave us a push.  It is pretty clear why many do this part of the trip earlier in the year.  Most of the marinas down here have already shut down.  All of the boats are on the hard, the docks are out and lights are off.  This makes the logistics of planning each day all that more difficult.

That's it for today. Lots of excitement coming up!!!


  1. This is an unparalleled tragedy!

    Hit by weather and forced to find shelter in...New York City!

    Oh, the horror. With only Pasquale's credit card to support you.

    Courage, friends, courage.

    (enough of that)

    I would have said "take the train to Grand Central", but remembered those are pretty big sails.

    Maybe take the train down, stash the sails under the beds in some cheap hotel with CNN, and ride it out as best you can.

    Life will be hard, the emotional toll unimaginable, but with fortitude and some luck you'll make it through.


  2. Oh a one way car to take the sails back next, um, Thursday.