Saturday, 20 October 2012

This is Sailorob signing on.
I'm here to keep things honest.
Funny how every time a story is told, the wind speeds get faster, the wave heights get taller, the rum bottles get emptier, the appendage sizes get bigger...  oops, that might be enough.
Well, the boat is starting to look like a boat instead of the truck that you see on the intro to the Beverly Hillbilly's.  Today, we could actually turn around in the cabin.  For weeks we've been bringing gear on board for the various projects that still needed doing.  Of course, when we undertake a project, we spend at least half the time looking for various bits and pieces.  The most common line we hear: "Have you seen...."  At least one person reading this blog is going to get a big chuckle out of that sentence.  (That is also a mantra at home.)
So far the trip has been very interesting. The Oswego/Erie Canal has been, well, Erie.  Sounds like most of the cruisers went through a few weeks ago.  Each day we have seen no more than one other boat - going the other way.  Is there a message here????
From what we can gather, in the summer, the locks would be full of boats.  Now, we get custom service from the lock-keepers.
Pasquale just informed me that no-one wants to read a verbose blog, so I'll finish my third bottle of rum and sign off for the night.  Cheers!

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