Wednesday, 31 October 2012

limited access

We are both well and the boat is well.
There is disaster all around us.
Entire marinas are wrcked. Some boats at our marina are wrecked but
all in all our marina faired well. Our boat is completely unharmed.
Our docks were inches from rising overtop of the pilings.
The water stopped rising at just the right time.
At one point a set of docks from another marina came into our marina.
They drifted psdy our boat and smashed into other boats in our marina.
The nearby town of stoney creek is completely wrecked.
I walked through just as the national guard was letting residents back
to their homes.
Lots of crying.
Currently there is no power and limited internet.
Cell phone seems to work sometimes but not always.
We can send and receive texts and emails.
We just setup a method to send blog posts by email (hence this post)
Once we get full internet we will make a picassa album of the pics of
the disaster.


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