Monday, 5 November 2012

48 hours

here we are

We spent two days and nights sailing from Haverstarw New York to Hampton Virginia.
The first night we hit almost 9 knots with a double reefed main and no job in 33 knots of wind.
On the second night we hit 11.0 knots and regularly climbed over 9 knots in 22 knots of wind with a single reef and a storm jib. We shaved about 6 hours off our expected time to get here.
With our AIS receiver we have lots of visibility of the ships around us and feel totally safe in the pitch dark.
We are split into two shifts (2 on deck and 2 sleeping) with about a 4-5 hour shift. We plan to change it to rotating shifts so that we never have two exhausted people on deck at the end of a shift.

There is another storm coming up the coast with 60 knot winds. We are stuck here till Thursday or Friday. Our rally left one day early and so we got a refund. We are planning to hook up with another rally that is also leaving on Friday.


  1. Wow, that's some impressive speed! How's the temperature down there? Its Paul's brother in Albany, NY and its freezing here! Travel safe you guys! See any marine life out there?

  2. Hi Guys from Quantun Joy
    Glad to hear you made it safe. We also sailed 320 NM straight through to Norfolk (whish we had a crew of 4). Held up at waterside marina and visited the Nauticus and battle ship Wisconsin (excellent). Ran into Elaine and ? on Sans Souci entering Norfolk harbour at the same time.
    fair winds,
    Janice and Al