Saturday, 10 November 2012

I hear the mermaids singing

25 hours of sailing done!
We are in the gulf stream now.
The water temperature has risen from 11C to 23C.
8-12 foot swells with 15 knots of wind from the north.
We are 165 miles out from land.
Last night we heard dolphins (mermaids) playing in our bow wave. We
could hear them singing. We had phosphorescent plankton in our wake.
We had tons of shooting stars and just a sliver of the moon just before
sunrise. Most of the night we were well lit by Jupiter which was very
We also had a passenger. A small bird came to rest on our life ring and
actually took a nap for about half an hour and then flew away.

We can now literally smell the carribean! The ocean smell changed
significantly as we crossed into the gulf stream.

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