Friday, 2 November 2012

Sandy Photo Album

Below is the photo album for hurrican sandy.

hurricane sandy


  1. Yikes - you guys were incredibly lucky, judging by the devastation all around!! Looks like crane operators and maybe a few Sikorsky pilots might have some good job prospects in the neighbourhood... a giant game of pick-up-sticks, with boats and docks.

  2. A few more inches of surge and we would have joined the mess.
    Today we will see how things fared downstream.

  3. From my boat "Seasop" in Greenport,NY where I spent the storm, the view was much the same. Only inches before the docks floated free from their pilings but for a timely change of wind direction from the NE to the SE stopped the rising waters in the nick of time. I imagine you folks had a similar nightmare image of all the boats in your marina in a big twisted pile of boats and docks blown into the shoreline, buildings, or parking lot. Grateful to have survived unscathed.