Wednesday, 14 November 2012

this boat goes to eleven

Where do I start?
On Sunday I went up the mast and fixed the minor problem.
Then later that same day Rob caught a fish. It was a Mahi Mahi
and we had fresh sushi for dinner.
Then late Sunday night the winds started to build.
We spent from then to Tuesday late night is huge wind and huge seas.
The winds were 20 to 30 knots with gusts of 40.
The seas were 10 to 20 foot rollers. They were just huge mountains of waves.
We again saw 11.0 knots on the boat, this time while on a reach in 40
knot winds and 20 foot waves. Fun and scary.
We had waves crash right over top of the whole boat.
The cockpit was regularly washed and one wave even drenched the inside.
Everything is soaked. All of our clothes etc.
And the marine rated expensive GPS antenna just shorted out because of
the salt spray in the last two days. We have backups.
Our main sat phone is also dead. We have a backup for that too.

Today after a grueling two and a half days we are
sunning in light winds with the spinnaker up and the autopilot on.
This is a well deserved rest.
The weather is 28C and we are all in shorts and t-shirts and we have
reggae on the stereo.
Tonight with the light wind and waves we can finally use the bbq.
Steaks and red wine for dinner!
Will post pictures when we have better connectivity.


  1. Hey guys! Did you have a vote whether to let Pasquale down? And sushi! Most excellent. How did you catch it? Or did it wash into the boat during a swell? Warm weather. Nice. Y'all earned it. Enjoy.

    PS... your captcha is a bitch

  2. The captcha is more efective than a moat full of crocodiles.

  3. It is really good to hear that the issue at the masthead turned out to be minor and that the boat handled the heavy winds and seas so well. The wind forecast for the next three days looks like pleasant reaching though with beam seas. Enjoy the sunshine!