Sunday, 11 November 2012

up the mast

After a glorious day of sailing yesterday we had variable direction 2-8
knots last night. Most of the fleet motored all night. we motored for 3
hours so we could keep moving or else the gulf stream would carry us
north. As the night fell we started to hear a strange creaking/groaning
sound from the top of the mast where the head sail halyard go in. As the
sun rose the sound was worse. Later today we are expecting 20+ knots.
Fearing that the jib halyard sheave was seizing and we would not be able
to douse the jib, the captain decided that the smallest lightest person
had to go up mast and investigate and oil it. Hmm, the captain (me) also
realized that at 6' tall I am the smallest person on this boat. This is
not a normal cross section of society. So up the mast I went. it wasn't
bad at all. If i wasn't afraid of heights I could enjoy it more. The
view was spectacular. The boat's pitching and rolling was not as bad as
expected. But everytime we hit a wave it felt like the boat stopped
under me and the mast and I were flung forward. creepy.

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