Sunday, 18 November 2012

swimming and fish

We are stuck in a high pressure area with NO WIND.
I mean nothing at all.
The ocean is like glass most of the time although there is still a huge
gentle ocean swell of about 10 feet.
We are motoring towards wind at 25N 65W.
At least one other boat is running out of fuel.
We have such an easily driven hull that we could motor almost all the
way to the BVI's with our 50 gallons.

We stopped to go swimming yesterday and today.
Feels weird to jump off the boat with no land in sight and in 13000 feet
of water. Rob caught another Mahi Mahi last night and then another this
morning. We'll fry one up this time and have another for sushi.
We put up the canopy over the boom and we're mostly relaxing in the
shade and reading while the autopilot drives under motor power doing
about 5.5 knots.

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